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Grave of Bolko 1st de Javor et Swidnica

The present page about Silesian aristocracy was created as my homepage.

The interest in the history of Silesia – both Upper and Lower – among the inhabitants of this region is growing and I do hope that this page will, at least partly, satisfy the curiosity of all the people who appreciate the historical heritage of this wonderful land, as well as these who want to learn about the history of Silesia through the history of the noble and aristocratic families that lived here.

History is created by nations and individuals. In the history of every nation there have been many families that left their mark on it. Also in Silesia, there were many such families, affluent and well known. They came from various parts of Europe, but there were also native Silesians among them. Some lasted for a few dozen years, others – for a few centuries. Turbulent events did away with a part of them, while sparing others. Silesia, the contact point between three nations, was a land where many people wanted to settle down, gain fortune and respect. Rich and tolerant Silesia had a lot to offer...

I invite you to learn about Silesia through the stories of noble and aristocratic families that lived and created the history of this land.

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Translated by Magdalena Muskała

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